Quarter-Life Crisis, Is That Even a Thing?


That’s what I thought when I read about it some time ago from other people’s blog. Yet here I am in the middle of the night thinking where should I go next, have I done anything good, if I die tomorrow, what will people say in the eulogy? 
Sad. And a bit depressing, honestly. 

Introvert? Extrovert? In Between?


I had just resigned from my previous job at media and currently looking for a new one which is closer to engineering and mathematical part of me. Being in the job market means facing a lot of online tests and several interview invitations. Financially, it sucks, but I like doing tests.
One thing that I notice is that many companies are currently looking for extroverts.

Koper atau Ransel?


Ya, saya lebih memilih koper dibandingkan ransel, atau dengan kata lain, untuk seseorang dengan budget terbatas seperti saya, saya lebih memilih jalan-jalan dengan nyaman, meski tidak sering dibandingkan sering jalan-jalan, tapi harus tidur ber-12 dalam satu kamar.



We remember the first and the last, 
but it's in the middle where the life happens.

Vilter - Layer 1


Yes! Akhirnya berhasil juga menggerakkan mulut yang malas ini untuk ngebuat podcast!

Selamat mendengarkan!

A Room Full of Idiots


I was having an interview for a job, somehow it gets to the point where I tell them the story of a White Helmet volunteer who wept after rescuing a less-than-a-month-old baby from a rubble after an attack in Idlib, Syria. 
And then I said, “Looking at footage of war and other messed up business in the world is frustrating.” 
“So what do you do when you get frustrated?”

The Silicon Way of Election Season


Washington DC and Jakarta is almost 15 thousands kilometers apart, yet there is one noticeable similarity that is going on these days: election season. In the States, Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s supporters are always involved in a heated debate anywhere, be it in real life or in social media. 
The same pattern could be seen by observing the behavior of Agus-Sylvi’s, Ahok-Djarot’s, and Anies-Sandiaga’s supporters (or die-hard fans).