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Ngalong Ngidul - Episode 2

July 14, 2019

In this episode we are talking about online shopping and its advantages, especially for mothers and women.

Ngalong Ngidul - Episode 1

July 2, 2019

My partner and I created a podcast. There is no specific theme whatsoever for this podcast. We just want to talk about anything, hence the name. Ngalong ngidul.

Selamat mendengarkan!

Thank You

February 24, 2019

I've always believe that I am more of a lucky person instead of a diligent one. I have always been surrounded by talented and kind people, so that I have all kind of opportunities to get better and move forward.

In this post, I'd like to thank some of them. The most memorable encounters that bring me to where I am today.

Let's start from high school. I'd like to thanks my extended family, especially one of my aunt and grandma, who provided me with some kind of living cost scholarship(?). They paid for my meals, pocket money, stuff that I need for school, and so on and so forth, so that I could live comfortably in Bandung at that time. My aunt (and his husband) also came to Bandung and spent some time with me, talking about my education and life. It was a small thing for them, but it meant a lot for me at that time.

I went to Pribadi Bandung for my high school. There I met lots of dedicated teachers, not saying that every one is good, but lots of them are. Being one of the stupidest in class motivated me to keep up with the rest of my friends. I am thankful for most of the teachers there, especially Mr. Musa and Mr. Bakis. Sorry that I can't make it to the international olympiad. Still regretting it 'till now.


February 17, 2019

Saya suka banget mandi. Bukan mandi berendam, cukup pakai shower, atau gayung, apapun lah, yang bisa membantu membasuh air ke seluruh tubuh, Dari ujung kaki sampai ujung kepala. 

Tapi saya bukan tipe yang suka berlama-lama di kamar mandi. Kecuali ada shower air hangat dan kamar mandinya terpisah (atau minimal bersekat) dengan toilet.

Kalau saya sedang lelah, tapi masih banyak yang harus dihadapi, saya mandi. 
Kalau sedang suntuk, saya mandi.
Kalau sedih, pengen nangis tapi ga pengen menimbulkan pertanyaan dari banyak orang, saya mandi.
Kalau abis banyak nangis dan harus siap-siap melanjutkan hidup, ya mandi juga.
Kalau ada hal-hal yang diinginkan, tapi ga bisa tercapai, mari beranjak ke kamar mandi.
Bahkan kalau bingung mau ngapain, ya mandi saja dulu.


October 9, 2018

Sesungguhnya aku tak suka memotong orang lain saat mereka bicara. Juga tak suka harus menyiapkan  rentetan 10-20 kalimat yang akan meluncur tanpa henti begitu lawan bicara hendak menarik napas.

Tapi aku bisa apa?

Mereka selalu berbicara. Tanpa henti. Tanpa memberikan kesempatan.

Diskusi atau debat kusir?

On the Platform

June 23, 2018

"Jump. How it feels like?" my mind started to wander.

"Nah. I just need to step. Two steps. Will it hurt? But I don't like to get hurt."

"Maybe they're wrong. Maybe, there is nothing in the afterlife. There is no afterlife. We will just disappear."

Breakup Formula

January 28, 2018

You were crying. Right in front of me.
Begging for love.
Her love. 

You were crying. Right in front of me.
When it's time for me to leave.
When it's time for you to cry for me.
For my love.