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We were Assholes

February 19, 2014
Sorry for the language. I don’t have any intention to insult anybody. I’m just stating the mind blowing truth. Though I first know it from 9gag, but I’ve done some research and, surprisingly, it was true!

In the earliest stages of embryo development, we were grastulas. Then the grastulas develops into, guess what, anus! We were ass holes! I am not a biologist, so in case you are interested on the scientific fact, you may go here to learn more about it.
I am more interested in why anus? Why not brain? Or eyes, or hands, or whatever your favorite body part is. So I put myself into God’s shoes and think, why, over all of the magnificent organs in human body, I choose to create anus first. The belated anus.
Well, the very first reason that I could come up with is that anus is pretty much at the center. It’s half way up. Half way down. Half way right. Half way left. Half empty. Half full.
The second one might be that God is actually a sagacious Big Boss. He doesn’t want us to feel bad about our life. He wants us to realize that we are better than what we were. Every morning, since the moment I know that my gorgeous self developed from an anus, I’ve been telling this to myself, “I was an ass hole, I can’t be worse than that, today is going to be just fine”.
OK, let me be honest with you, I really can’t think of any reason anymore! I always end up cracking myself up when I remember the fact. I am sorry but this is super hilarious!

Maybe God just has a good sense of humour. Heaven will be so much fun!
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