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(My) God is Insecure

July 13, 2014
As someone who created the whole universe, including humans, (my) God is pretty insecure. 
In my religion, Islam, it is said that at first God asked us to pray 50 times a day. Again, in the range of 24 hours, God asked us to pray FIFTY times. Can you see how insecure God is? 

God is more insecure than my husband. Although having a long distance relationship (kind of the same relationship that I have with God), he does not ask me to call him 50 times a day.
Luckily, Prophet Moses made Prophet Muhammad to ask for remission, thus Muslims only have to pray 5 times a day. Besides that, you still have to dzikr, read Koran, go to Mecca (pilgrimage), and everything.
Are you familiar with a song titled “Jika Surga dan Neraka Tak Pernah Ada”? It is a very nice song by Chrisye.
Jika surga dan neraka tak pernah ada,
masihkah kau bersujud kepada-Nya?
Jika surga dan neraka tak pernah ada,
masihkah kau menyebut nama-Nya?
The song asks us whether we will still pray to God, if there is no heaven nor hell; whether we will still remember God in our lives. The answer to that is most probably a no. A hell no (pun intended).
So, yeah, maybe God feels lonely up there so that God creates heaven and hell to make sure that we will pray - that we will always remember God in every single moment in our days. So insecure.
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