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Introvert? Extrovert? In Between?

October 25, 2016

I had just resigned from my previous job at media and currently looking for a new one which is closer to engineering and mathematical part of me. Being in the job market means facing a lot of online tests and several interview invitations. Financially, it sucks, but I like doing tests.
One thing that I notice is that many companies are currently looking for extroverts.
By extrovert I mean people who’d like to be the star in a party, who have a lot of people in their contact list, and those who prefer teamwork then doing the job alone.
So for all introverts out there looking for a job in big companies, don’t be yourself. Lie! Never ever be yourself. Even if they say that you have to be yourself.
I’m no extrovert. I prefer working alone. I find my peace in a quiet room, or a noisy one where no one pay attention to me. I even enjoy watching film at cinema alone. I never ask someone to accompany me to toilet.
But I like talking. I like sharing stories. I enjoy asking question that many will find as stupid questions. I love making jokes, though it may not suit everybody’s humor buds. I am excited when I’m involved in a discussion and even debates. But after that, I’ll go to my silent room and recharge. I’m happy to meet people but it drains my energy.

So you’ll always find me hesitating when you ask me, “are you an extrovert?”
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