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The Silicon Way of Election Season

October 9, 2016

Washington DC and Jakarta is almost 15 thousands kilometers apart, yet there is one noticeable similarity that is going on these days: election season. In the States, Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s supporters are always involved in a heated debate anywhere, be it in real life or in social media. 
The same pattern could be seen by observing the behavior of Agus-Sylvi’s, Ahok-Djarot’s, and Anies-Sandiaga’s supporters (or die-hard fans).

In order to win the heart of the undecided, most of the supporters’ choose to use the other candidate’s weaknesses instead of emphasizing on their own candidate’s strength.
The thing is you could find this silicon* way everywhere, in almost any kind of competition.
And it sucks. (Yes, pun intended; but only if you understand the silicon way in the first place. Why the hell am I explaining this?)
Honestly, I got lost. I was going to connect the fact with other topic, but then it seems too far-fetched. It’s been long since I wrote a nice blog post. So, bye!

*Oxygen is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust, silicon is second. Anyway you get what I mean, right? Right?!

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