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Books Without Borders

January 14, 2017

The last book that I read in 2016 was “Rumah Kertas”, originally titled “La Casa de Papel”, written by Carlos Maria Dominguez and translated by Ronny Agustinus.
This novelette is so thin, yet the storyline is so wild, absurd, so crazy. In the novelette Dominguez drops many author names, such as Baudelaire, Conrad, Garcia Marquez, Goethe, Huidobro, Julian Barnes, Marosa di Giorgio, Martin Amis, Pallière, and Vargas Llosa. I’ve heard some of them. But haven’t read any of them. I felt lost. I really want to read all of them. Though I know for sure that not all of them is in line with my taste. A very uneducated taste.
“Let’s travel the world to open and broaden your mind”. I am surrounded by that jargon. Man, people are so difficult. They need to travel to open their minds, can’t they just meditate and have an out of body experience or something?
Sorry, I don’t mean to belittle those people. It’s just I don’t really like travelling and all the difficulties that I have to face during the journey, that they say may open my mind. I’d rather be protected by my blanket inside my warm room.
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I believe that “book is a window to the world”, so I thought, why not I pick travelling around the world, through books, as my 2017 resolution. Thus “Books Without Borders”.
When people arrange tickets to go to places, I’ll find libraries (or bookstore) to have conversation with pages.
I’d like to start my journey from Israel, then Iraq, then, I don’t know, Turkey, maybe. Honestly, I’d like to travel to the war zone and experience writings by those exposed to the war.
I’ll update the list of the books that I read here. I’m open to suggestion so if you think that I should read this book from this author, please drop some comments. I’d really appreciate it.
p.s. When I was googling to make a list of books that I want to read, of course I found out that I’m not the first to think of this grand idea. Among them, I particularly love these two:
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  1. Love traveling or not, that's a choice. I also don't wanna say people love traveling too often, they're happier and having good mind. No, people can be happy by many ways.