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How My Curiosity Works

April 15, 2017

I could say that I am a curious person. I want to know this and that, these and those; also when I have already set my mind into something, I'm very confident that I could produce a great product.

Yet, my problem is I'm "easily" overwhelmed by the amount of the resources and inspirations that I have. Imagining the amount of work and time that I have to invest to reach something makes me lazy. That in turns will decrease my learning force and by time will reduce my curiosity.

Then somehow I will find a new things that I'm curious about, or an old one - an unfinished one, then I'll start learning again and the process repeats itself.

The loop below pretty much explains what I'm feeling.

Unfortunately, the loop is not mobile friendly. If it's not loaded correctly here, you may try going to this link.

Do play with it, try to increase the amount of curiosity or resources or inspiration or even try to increase the amount of laziness :D

The loop is created using Loopy by ncase.
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