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February 24, 2019

I've always believe that I am more of a lucky person instead of a diligent one. I have always been surrounded by talented and kind people, so that I have all kind of opportunities to get better and move forward.

In this post, I'd like to thank some of them. The most memorable encounters that bring me to where I am today.

Let's start from high school. I'd like to thanks my extended family, especially one of my aunt and grandma, who provided me with some kind of living cost scholarship(?). They paid for my meals, pocket money, stuff that I need for school, and so on and so forth, so that I could live comfortably in Bandung at that time. My aunt (and his husband) also came to Bandung and spent some time with me, talking about my education and life. It was a small thing for them, but it meant a lot for me at that time.

I went to Pribadi Bandung for my high school. There I met lots of dedicated teachers, not saying that every one is good, but lots of them are. Being one of the stupidest in class motivated me to keep up with the rest of my friends. I am thankful for most of the teachers there, especially Mr. Musa and Mr. Bakis. Sorry that I can't make it to the international olympiad. Still regretting it 'till now.

After that I went to Middle East Technical University, where fate brought me Mrs. Nevin Selcuk. She was my advisor for four years. She is a very unique person, I think I should spare some time to write more about her and things that I learned from her. She kind of introduced me to the world of combustion modelling, which opened lots of opportunities for master scholarship. She is a hard-to-pleased lecturer, but she didn't hesitate to compliment if her students do a good job. She is the only person who made me cry while doing my assignment; she wanted everything to be perfect. Phew.

Mr. Metin and Hasret are the two people who helped me most during my graduate study at Koc University. They gave me tons of opportunities to prove myself and to try new things. Thanks to them, I have to learn linux, C++, and python. Oh! And also vim!

My first real work was in CNN Indonesia, going to work at 2pm and go back home at 2am. I thought Jakarta's traffic was just a myth, haha. I was placed in Sports team. The most awesome team that I've worked with. Thank you everyone, especially Om Djim and Galih, I learned a lot about leadership and loyalty from you guys.

Galih tagged me this song on my last day at CNN Indonesia Sports :D

Then I decided to change path, again, this time by pursuing my old dream to do programming. I went to Hacktiv8. Coded using plain vim for a couple of weeks, before, Pak Rifki and Pak Riza introduced me to vim plugins! Thank goodness! Life has never been the same since then :P

Xendit became my next home after Hacktiv8. I didn't imagine I could learn so many things in a month. I am so thankful for the cool people there, especially Moses and Ichwan. Wishing Xendit and their people all the very best!

Now, I am working in Pomona. The work life balance in this company is so awesome. The CTO even asked me to just work from home because there are so many sick people in the office! Once again I am surrounded by kind people. Ever since I came here I've been given a lot of opportunities to bring the best out of me. I am so thankful to everyone there, especially Ego, Shan, and Pak Ari.

Besides them, there are so many people who stick with me through ups and downs. A very special thanks for my partner, Ibnu Sina, and my best friend since ages ago, Alicia. You guys are the most awesome person in my world!

There are of course, other people who are equally kind and has been providing me with friendships and opportunities along the way. I am deeply thankful to every one that has cross path with me.

Thank you!

Nulis gini serasa habis menang award apaan gitu, atau habis ada pencapaian besar. Haha. Ga ada apa-apa sih sebenarnya, hanya saja saya sangat menghargai mereka dan sayang saja rasanya kalau mereka ga tahu ada seseorang yang sangat mengapresiasi apa yang mereka lakukan. 

Terima kasih semuanya!!
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