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Different Kind of Laziness

August 30, 2020

Messy Lego


I hate it when diligent people are being lazy. 

I am a lazy person. I am lazy yesterday, today, tomorrow, and (most probably) forever, so there is no way that I'll do anything that makes me need to do more than necessary. 

Take tidying up clothes, for instance. I wash my clothes, dry it, then just stack them by group, child one's clothes and pants, me and my husband's clothes and pants, and the baby's. No folding, no ironing, unless we need to go to a certain wedding, or wearing a very-delicate suits.

I don't like stacking them up in one big pile, why? Because then when I need something I'll need to search through the BIG pile, and I'm too lazy for that. But, when a diligent person is being lazy, they'll skip folding and ironing and just piling up the clothes! UGH! What a mess!

Or dishes. I don't like washing dishes. I keep procrastinating, until I have no more plates on the drying rack (yes, drying rack, I wash dishes, put them there, use them, then wash it again - no need to transfer it someplace else). Even though I do that, but you'll never see me putting a plate on top of a cup, or leaving an oily wok, or let the sink full of water, because some leftover is clogging the drain. Why? Because it'll make me have to work harder by the time I decided to wash them and I'm too lazy to spend too much time on stuff like that.

When a diligent people is being lazy, UGH. Even I, whose name is never associated with tidiness, can't stand looking at the messy sink.

See, when a lazy person created a mess, we created a methodological mess(?), you know... We created a beautiful mess. When a diligent person is being lazy, they created... A MESS. Period.

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